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Blooming Alocasia

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • Air-conditioning living space according to the placement of plants

Living room: Good plants with volatile substances (VOC) removal in the small light.

Porch: Good plants with volatile substances (VOC) removal in the small light.

Bedroom: Good plants for the air purification at night time

Kitchen: Elimination of carbon monoxide occurred when cooking with excellent plant

Toilet: Odors, especially ammonia removal

Study room: Carbon dioxide emissions and superior anion, such as memory enhancement

  • The effect of interior landscaping

Environmental control: Air at room temperature gives the lonely keep moisture loss , noise reductionand energy savings.

Aesthetic effects: The effect of enriching the interior decor with uniform color landscapes. Help to produce a harmonious atmosphere

psychological and physiological effects: Provides a relaxing place in the building and gives peace of mind with the elimination of Sick building syndrome

Economic Effects: Increase operational efficiency and long-term effects of settlement rate of employees

Environmental effects: Regulation of the rapid changes in room temperature, and humidity will provide the dry indoor air. The plank tonic to remove dust and gas adsorption, and to help absorption of harmful volatile.

Therapeutic effects: Psychiatric care and assistive technology helps keep a healthy mental health. Green effect to relieve tension and promotes mental stability.